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01/2011 - January 2011 Digital Edition

01/2011 - January 2011 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Daisy Peel discusses how to evaluate the training articles in Clean Run as well as all the books and DVDs on agility training so that you can decide which information is relevant to your team, Sassie Joiris shares her formula for achieving focus, drive, and desire in any dog, Dr. Julie Roos examines the medical issues surrounding early spay and neuter procedures, Tracy Sklenar provides tips to instructors for getting your point across to your students, Brenna Fender introduces us to the leaders of the different agility organizations in the first of a two-part article, Jamie McKay begins a new series aimed at the novice agility competitor, Andrea Dexter shares tips for training and planning strategies for the NADAC Chances class, Stuart Mah begins a new series of training drills, Pamela Dennison continues her series on dealing with aggressive and reactive dogs, Jane Killion helps you teach your dog to love the teeter, Sandy Rogers finishes her series on turn cues by demonstrating how you can combine the cues, Nancy Gyes puts up drills based on courses from the 2010 FCI Agility World Championships, and much more! 84 pages.

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