2013 Free Trial Issue

2013 Free Trial Issue

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Clean Run® magazine is a monthly publication. Each issue of Clean Run is at least 68 pages long and is packed with information on agility training and competition. Clean Run has won three Dog Writers Association of America Award for best special interest dog magazine and has been nominated every year entered. But, if you're not as sure as we are that you'll love it, try our free online sample issue.

For more information on subscriptions and answers to frequently asked questions, go to the Subscription FAQs page.

Each month Clean Run brings a wealth of agility information to your doorstep. The magazine covers everything from

  • Training, handling, and problem-solving articles by top agility competitors
  • Training exercises for all levels
  • Exercises that will fit in your backyard
  • Courses and handling analyses
  • Nested courses for training
  • Discussions of course design by judges
  • Interviews with successful agility competitors and trainers
  • Class ideas and plans for instructors
  • Discussion forum where trainers share ideas for solving training and handling problems
  • Building agility equipment
  • Changes and news from the various agility organizations
  • Performance dog health issues
  • Mental preparation for competition
  • Puppy training
  • Articles and case studies by canine behaviorists
  • Agility humor
  • Tips for competing in trials
  • And lots more!

"For less than $1 a week, Clean Run magazine brings me agility training information from nationally-ranked competitors and instructors, reviews of domestic and international events, trends within the sport, new ideas and hints, and tips and lesson plans that I can do in my own backyard. I can read it from the comfort of my couch, re-read it again and again, refer to it a year later, and even take it with me wherever I go. I can't get this information anywhere else. I won't get it in such a glossy, easy-to-read, beautiful format. I throw away the remains of coffee that costs me nearly $1.50 each day, so I know how much of a value this magazine is to my training! Thanks."

"I am a new subscriber to your magazine and have only been training for one year with my Sheltie. I look forward to receiving your magazine every month and can't wait to read it. Every month some article in the magazine gives me new training ideas or help. I save every single issue and frequently bookmark some pages in them when I need to go back to a specific article."

"Clean Run gets better and better. Lessa and I have been using lots of the "Backyard Dogs" exercises to practice (we have to rent ring space at a local training center) this winter. You don't have to be technically-minded or deadly serious to get lots of useful information and just plain entertainment value from this magazine."

"I am a current subscriber and I love your magazine. It's perfect."

"I think Clean Run is a fabulous magazine. There are a ton of good articles in there, especially for those of us who train at home. It's really a must for any agility enthusiast."

"I first started reading Clean Run in about 1996, and at that time I thought it was so incredible that I ordered a complete set of reprints from the original two years of the publication. Anybody who enjoys this sport can get more out of it if they're a Clean Run reader."

"This magazine is priceless! Every edition has so much in it—lots of training tips and advice and articles. I love it! Thank you."

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