Beanie Braided Puff Ball Tugs - 18 in. Handle

Beanie Braided Puff Ball Tugs - 18 in. Handle


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$21.99 - $24.99

Beanie Braided Puff Ball Tugs are made with Holee Rollers, and the dogs—whether they are tuggers or not—are nuts over them!

Strips of knotted fleece are attached to the hexagon-shaped framework of a rubber Holee Roller creating a plush toy that has great "mouthability" for both puppies and adult dogs. The fleece gives the dog lots of ways to grab, shake, and toss the toy, and the Holee Roller under the fleece provides great "bounce back" action when the dog mouths the toy. Dogs that love tugging get super excited and soft-mouthed dogs that love to carry around stuffed toys think they are the bomb. 

The 18"-long handle of this toy is made with four strands of high-quality fleece for durability and strength, and so the handle is very soft on your hands. The tightly braided fleece is designed to offer a slight give without losing its shape or overly stretching when you're tugging. 

The toy is handmade in the USA, but the ball is not.

Available in 2 sizes. You choose the size; please allow us to choose the colors for you. 

Size Holee Roller
Puff Ball
Fleece Braid
Small 2" 6" 1/2" 18"
Large 3.5" 8" 3/4" 18"

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