Chill Out About All the Things: Pattern Games for Arousal Regulation

Chill Out About All the Things: Pattern Games for Arousal Regulation

Instructor: Leslie McDevitt & Julie Daniels
Course Type: On-Demand Workshop Sessions

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The presentations and working sessions included in this package feature Leslie McDevitt and Julie Daniels. The material was recorded during a two-day workshop that was designed to teach you how to help your dog modulate their arousal level to find the perfect balance of excited and relaxed needed to succeed in life as well as sport. 

We have put together this subset of the workshop because Leslie and Julie's material is an excellent introduction to pattern games for arousal regulation if you haven't tried Control Unleashed methods before. Leslie lays a foundation with the most up-to-date and newest Control Unleashed exercises and Julie does her magic, sharing how she works with "over the top" dogs to help get them regulated and comfortable whether they need support at an obedience, nose work, or agility trial or just need support in their own skin. 

Note: Please note that the purchase price is for the presentations; the working sessions are bonus material we are providing and there are portions of those recordings that are hard to hear because of problems with the satellite internet being used at the event.

Leslie McDevitt: Please Chill Out About All the Things

Leslie covers three important Control Unleashed games - Down for the Count, LATTE, and Give Me a Break - and then explains what to do once your dog is fluent in each game. How do you integrate the environment into the game, how do you make adjustments to customize the game for your specific criteria, and how do you generalize the game. She focuses on three important concepts: agency, decompression, and cue transfer. 94 minutes.

After her presentation, Leslie and the other instructors work with dogs doing the games. 77 minutes.

Julie Daniels: One Foot in Front of the Other - Movement Patterns to Help Over the Top Dogs

Movement is important. It wakes up the central nervous system, pushes oxygen into brain cells, and causes the release of beneficial neurotranmitters, including dopamine and serotonin which decrease anxiety and depression in dogs and humans. This makes movement key in decreasing arousal in your over the top dog. So how do you add movement to help your dog when you're in a very stimulating environment like an agility trial? Julie looks at a number of pattern games to help you. 43 minutes.

In the working session that follows her presentation, Julie discusses how she trains 1-2-3 and then she and Adam Skandarani help dogs with the Chair Game and Super Bowls. 27 minutes.

Follow-Up Q&A Session: 26 minutes.

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