Clean Run Magazine - February 2011

Clean Run Magazine - February 2011


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A few of the features: Susan Salo shares exercises for managing dogs that take off early for jumps, Dr. Debbie Gross Saunders explains how overtraining affects us and our dogs, Pamela Dennison demonstrates how to set up desensitization sessions for aggressive or reactive dogs, Daisy Peel shares ideas for achieving balance in our agility training, Brenna Fender introduces us to the leaders of the different agility organizations in the second of a two-part article, Jamie McKay explains how to find and enter agility trials, Andrea Dexter shares tips for training and handling tunnels as well as planning strategies for the NADAC Tunnelers class, Stuart Mah sets up exercises that require handlers and dogs to rapidly shift from obstacle focus to handler focus multiple times, Annie Pyle challenges us with drills that test weave pole entries and exits, Tracy Sklenar describes classroom games that can help get students more involved in class, Tinna Brown provides tips for running a great trial, and much more! 84 pages.

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