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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $120
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Always have a clicker at your fingertips!

Clickers can be cumbersome when you are also juggling a leash, treats, and other training accessories. The Clicino Clicker Ring is an attractive, convenient clicker that fits on your finger like a ring, freeing up your hands while ensuring that you always have a clicker at the ready.

The Clicker Ring Clicino is enormously versatile and can be worn on your thumb or any finger. It can also be worn on the top, middle, or bottom section of a finger; it doesn't have to be worn in a traditional ring position. The possibilities are almost limitless; see what works best for you. 

Available in assorted colors; please allow us to choose for you. If you have a strong preference for a specific color, you can include a note in the comments section of your order and we will do our best to provide that color. However, we cannot guarantee it since we cannot buy the product by color.

What size ring do you need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your finger and choose the appropriate ring size.

To find your ring size, you can print the PDF file ring sizer we have included or do the following:

  • Cut a 5"-long piece of string, thread, ribbon, or dental floss.
  • Wrap it snugly around the finger (and the section of the finger) where you want to wear the Clicker Ring.
  • Make a mark where the string overlaps.
  • Using a millimeter ruler preferably, measure the length of the string from the end to the mark you made.
  • Check the measurement against the ring sizing chart below and choose the correct size Clicker Ring.


Clicker Ring
Circumference of
Finger or Thumb (mm)
Circumference of
Finger or Thumb (in.) 
US Ring
SMALL 52 2 1/16" 6
53 2 1/8" 6
55 2 3/16" 7
56 2 3/16" 7
MEDIUM 57 2 1/4"  8
58 2 1/4" 8
59 2 5/16" 9
61 2 3/8" 9
LARGE 62 2 7/16" 10
63 2 1/2" 10
65 2 9/16" 11
66 2 5/8" 11
XL 68 2 11/16" 12
69 2 3/4" 12
70 2 3/4" 13
71 2 13/16" 13


Average Rating
3/5 with 1 review

Lame clicky
This is a useful little option, but comes with a pretty dull click and a hefty price tag. It doesn't free your hand quite as much as you'd think because of the bulk, but it does stay with your hand if you fumble. At lower cost I would say totally worth playing with it; at this price, I'm disappointed.
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