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How to Train Legendary Lead-Outs E-Book

How to Train Legendary Lead-Outs E-Book



Author: Kristy Netzer
Length: 76 pages, 8.5" x 11"
Release Date: 2018

Whether you are an athletic handler, a slow handler, or a physically challenged handler, long lead-outs can help your dog have a speedy and accurate start on many courses and help keep you ahead of your dog. In this book, Kristy Netzer (author of the "Dial Up the Distance" DVD) shows you how she teaches her dogs to do phenomenal lead-outs as part of her distance training program.

Starting with teaching the vital "Out" skill, Kristy's lesson plan breaks down each facet of lead-out training which includes directed jumping, landing-side front crosses, obstacle discrimination challenges, lead-outs with tunnels and obstacles other than jumps, and more. She also explains where to stand, how to stand, and why, as well as how you decide when to use a long lead-out on an actual course. Kristy walks you through her process of determining a lead-out plan and also shares a number of real-life lead-out scenarios on AKC and USDAA courses so you can see her planning in action.

Because of the importance of lead-out positioning in exercises, this E-Book includes enlarged diagrams for ease of use.

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  • Lure vs. Reward

Stage 1 

  • Teaching the “Recall Out,” Lesson 1: Directed Jumping 
  • Landing-Side Front Cross, Lesson 1 
  • Which Arm to Use for a Landing-Side Front Cross  

Stage 2 

  • Teaching the “Recall Out,” Lesson 2: Directed Jumping
  • Landing-Side Front Cross, Lesson 2 

Stage 3 

  • Teaching the “Recall Out,” Lesson 3: Directed Jumping    
  • Practicing Basic Lead-Outs with All Types of Obstacles   

Stage 4   

  • Teaching the “Recall Out,” Lesson 4: Using Other Types of Obstacles 
  • Tunnel Lead-Out Exercise   

Stage 5  

  • Where to Stand: The Lead-Out Line 
  • How to Stand: Lead-Out Body Position 
  • Follow These Lead-Out Guidelines 

Stage 6 

  • Recall with a Turn 
  • Recall Out with Obstacle Discriminations 

Stage 7  

  • Lead-Outs When the Second Obstacle Isn't a Jump 
  • Tunnel, Tunnel, Toil, and Trouble! Take 1 

Stage 8   

  • A Review of Lead-Out Positioning   
  • Tunnel, Tunnel, Toil, and Trouble! Take 2   

Stage 9   

  • Double Out Lead-Out 
  • Teaching a Serpentine as a Recall 

Stage 10  

  • Lead-Outs with an Obstacle Discrimination  
  • When to Use a Long Lead-Out  

Real Life Lead-Outs 

  • USDAA Grand Prix #1     
  • USDAA Masters Standard/PIII   
  • AKC Master/Excellent JWW #1  
  • USDAA Grand Prix #2  
  • AKC Excellent/Master Standard  
  • USDAA Advanced/PII Standard  
  • AKC Master/Excellent JWW #2  
  • Training Course