03/2015—March 2015 Digital Edition

03/2015—March 2015 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Nancy Gyes demonstrates how you can teach a reliable and enthusiastic retrieve with a clicker even if your dog doesn't play with toys, Sherry Kluever shares how to use Lotus Balls in agility training to build your dog's drive, obstacle focus, and distance skills, Mary Ellen Barry show how to teach backside tunnels where your dog turns away from the direction of a curved tunnel at the exit, Carla Simon provides a simple way to teach a stand-stay in the comfort of your living room, Lynne Stephens finishes her series on training the seesaw, Rachel Sanders identifies the 6 reasons that handling errors happen on course, behaviorist Tom Mitchell talks about transitions, reinforcers, and rate of reinforcement, Helen King continues her series on training a dog when "run faster" isn't an option for you, Bobbie Lyons discusses a proper wam-up for agility training and trialing, Kristy Netzer shares class plans that require little movement of equipment for multiple levels, Ann Croft continues her weave pole training series, Daisy Peel looks at straightforward handling solutions for a complicated course Sally Silverman interviews Tori Self, Carol Kramer breaks down a UKI Masters Jumpers course, and more! 68 pages.


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