11/2017 - November 2017 Digital Edition

11/2017 - November 2017 Digital Edition



Clean Run wishes to thank all of the authors that donated their time and expertise to producing this special issue of the magazine so that we can better educate agility handlers, agility instructors, and breeders of performance dogs that must jump in their sport, about early takeoffs (ETOs) and how vision abnormalities affect our dogs. We are making this digital edition of the issue free for everyone in hopes that we can spread the word throughout the agility community at home and abroad.

This issue focuses on the problem of early takeoffs (ETOs): Linda Mecklenburg covers everything you need to know about early takeoffs; Nancy Gyes examines the collective knowledge about early takeoffs in agility and studies that shed light on how vision abnormalities can impact our dogs and our sport; Gina Day, O.D. explains the Canine Vision Project she is working on, Linda Mecklenburg looks at the breeding concerns regarding early takeoffs; Nancy Gyes shares why it's important to increase awareness and understanding of early takeoffs in the agility community; Jean Lavalley shares her experience as a breeder and trainer of multiple dogs with early takeoffs; Sherry Kluever and Lori Michaels share their experiences training and competing with dogs that have early takeoffs; Nancy Kemna provides suggestions for instructors, handlers and breeders about how to discuss early takeoffs with others; Linda Mecklenburg explains what we need to know about dogs' jumping arcs; and more! 68 pages.

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