Cool Puppy 70% Aluminet UV-Coated Shade Cloth Panels - 7 ft. x 10 ft.

Cool Puppy 70% Aluminet UV-Coated Shade Cloth Panels - 7 ft. x 10 ft.


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Make hot weather trialing more comfortable for you and your dogs by reducing heat build-up under your tent or canopy, in your vehicle, in an outdoor kennel, or in your crates or x-pens. Our Cool Puppy Shade Cloth Panels are made of the best shade cloth product available: 70% Aluminet™ fabric (70% shade factor allows 30% light transmission) that is also UV-coated for durability and longer life.

Aluminet™ is a highly reflective aluminized shade cloth that provides a radically cooler shade environment than other shade cloth. It acts like a mirror, reflecting the intense infrared radiation, heat, and light of the sun to provide a cooler climate by up to 14°. Many customers report double digit temperature improvements versus the shade cloth product they had used previously. In addition, the open-knit construction of Aluminet™ allows excellent air flow. 

Cool Puppy Shade Cloth Panels are lightweight and won't rot or mildew. In addition, each panel has finished reinforcement binding on the edges and brass grommets every 12" so they are easy to hang and attach to vehicles and shelters. They do, however, need to be stored carefully to prevent the fabric from snagging on sharp objects. We recommend stuff sacks.

Note: When shopping for shade cloth, be aware that Aluminet™ is a trademarked product—not all 70% aluminized shade cloth is the same. The product we sell costs more than other products you will see advertised, but we purchase it from the only authorized source in the USA. This shade cloth is NOT from China. Most of the shade cloth from China is not UV coated, which is why there is a cost difference. 

  Important: As dog owners ourselves, we feel duty-bound to say that whatever method of ventilation or protection against sunlight you use for your dogs when they are in a parked car, there can be no substitute for checking your dog on a regular basis—even if they are in the shade. Do not leave pets unattended in a parked vehicle in direct sunlight even with your windows open.

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