Agility for Starters - From Zero to Hero in 101 Exercises

Agility for Starters - From Zero to Hero in 101 Exercises


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Author: Connie Sellers
Format: Paperback
Length: 160 pages
Release Date: 2021

Watching a top agility handler and dog competing together is mesmerizing, and the understanding between the two teammates seems telepathic. But it can also appear daunting to the beginner. How can you, and your dog, ever build that bond and develop those skills?

Agility For Starters shows you how to set off on your agility training journey. Now in its second edition, this book has been completely revised and updated to bring you the latest and best information.

Written by Connie Sellers, who specializes in training novice competitors, the book provides the perfect foundation training for novice dogs and handlers and is designed to get you to your first competition in 101 exercises. You don’t need expensive equipment; you can begin training in your back yard, guiding and motivating your dog so that he sees agility as the best fun in the world.

Starting with exercises to encourage drive and motivation, Agility For Starters introduces key training concepts and gives step-by-step instructions, so your dog learns to tackle the equipment with confidence and enthusiasm. Handling skills are vital and, as you work through the 101 exercises, you will learn the correct signaling, body language, and verbal cues so you can communicate effectively with your dog. The book also features training tips and advice from a host of world-famous trainers, including Silvia Trkman, Susan Garrett, Dave Munnings, and others.

Training for excellence takes a lifetime, but if you follow the exercises outlined in Agility For Starters, you will set off with a clear understanding of how your dog’s mind works so you can establish a solid and rewarding relationship.

Agility For Starters is essential reading for all those who want their dogs to achieve success in agility using nothing but 100% positive, reward-based training.

About the Author
Connie Sellers is a professional agility trainer who specializes in working with young dogs and their handlers. She has developed her own system of foundation training which is based entirely on positive reinforcement. A Grade 7 handler, she has been a Crufts and Olympia finalist on many occasions, and has competed internationally. She was called up to the Great Britain squad in 2020. Connie’s other books for First Stone include Foundation Fun and Games, a blueprint for training young dogs through play.

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