Jump Bars, Furniture Grade PVC - 4 ft. White

Jump Bars, Furniture Grade PVC - 4 ft. White


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Note: We can fit from 1 to 9 jump bars in the package for the same shipping cost. Why? Jump bars are subject to the shipping company's dimensional or DIM weight charges because of how much room they take up in the truck or plane. It doesn't matter that the package doesn't weigh very much.

Our 1" furniture-grade PVC pipe is made in the USA exclusively for Clean Run. The proprietary formulation, blended in-house by the manufacturer, provides superior structural strength, impact-resistance, weatherability, and UV-resistance compared to plumbing PVC pipe. It has a smooth and high-gloss finish, and it is completely free of manufacturer markings. Not only will your agility building projects look great, they will last a long time!

Made from 100% solid-wall vinyl, our furniture-grade PVC pipe is composed of one uniform material throughout. 

We've cut the PVC pipe into 47-1/2" long pieces so that they are ready for use as jump bars or ground bars. and can be shipped via UPS for less than longer pieces of pipe. 

Our 1" PVC furniture grade pipe has an outside diameter of 1-5/16" (1.315") and is compatible with all of our 1" PVC fittings and with the Clip and Go Jump Cup Strips and Jump Cups.  


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