Agility Skills Workbook - Training Drills for Dog and Handler

Agility Skills Workbook - Training Drills for Dog and Handler


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Authors: Connie Sellers-Lane and Michelle Waugh
Format: Paperback
Length: 140 pages
Release Date: 2022

Confused about Germans and Ketschkers? Muddled by threadles and backside of jumps? The Agility Skills Workbook provides the answers!

Handling in agility is becoming increasingly sophisticated as dog and handler teams strive to complete ever more technical courses in the fastest possible time. The range of handling moves can appear daunting but, with the correct groundwork and guidance, learning can be both logical and effective.

In the Agility Skills Workbook, authors Connie Sellers-Lane and Michelle Waugh have devised a series of dedicated exercises for each handling skill, which include:

  • Tight turns: Pivot, Ketschker, tight front cross, tight rear cross
  • Loose turns: Open pivot, flat pivot, loose front cross, loose rear cross
  • Jump blinds: Blind crosses on a jump
  • Tunnel skills: Blind tunnel entrance, tight tunnel exit, tunnel threadles
  • Backside of jumps: Backside wrap pivot, backside front cross, backside grab turn, backside slice, backside serpentine, backside rear cross, backside German, backside blind, backside pivot slice
  • Jump threadles: threadle wrap, theadle slice

Each exercise starts with the basics, develops the skill, and then proofs the skill so both dog and handler have a complete understanding of what is required. Photo sequences illustrate exactly what to do and detailed diagrams give step-by-step guidance.

Finally, there is a series of full course plans designed to test all the handling skills you have acquired.

Easy to follow, and packed full of valuable training advice, the Agility Skills Workbook puts positive learning at the forefront and provides that rock-solid foundation that is the key to future success.

About the Authors
Connie Sellers-Lane became involved in agility with her family's Golden Retriever in 2005 before moving on to Border Collies, reaching Championship level and competing at prestigious events like Crufts and Olympia. She has run her own agility training business, Fly-by-Agility, for the last 10 years, and has a special interest in teaching foundation skills. She has written two other best-selling books for First Stone: Agility for Starters and Foundation Fun and Games.

Michelle Waugh has competed in agility since 2009, working with many family-bred Border Collies under the Chazak prefix. She has reached Championship level and competed multiple times at Olympia. She has been training agility enthusiasts for the last eight years.

Together Connie and Michelle have established Fly-Zak Agility, which hosts training camps and workshops for a wide range of students, and has a reputation for kind, positive, and effective training.

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