B.A.D. Handling

B.A.D. Handling

Instructor: Tracy Sklenar & Brenna Fender
Course Type: On-Demand Seminar

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Get mad B.A.D. skills! (that's Big A$$ Distance, friends!)

Today's agility courses require us to use more distance skills than ever before. These skills are not just used for gambles anymore: distance skills are critical for all types of dogs in all venues around the world, with all types of handlers.

  • Can't outrun your dog?
  • Need your dog to be less handler-focused and more line-focused?
  • Need to send the dog away on a line so you can get to where you need to be on course?
  • Want to build better obstacle commitment and eliminate refusals?
  • Need to learn how to execute those big international-style challenges that we are seeing at every level nowadays?

Then the B.A.D. Handling on-demand seminar is for you! 

Join Tracy Sklenar and Brenna Fender to

  • Learn how distance skills work on both US and international-style courses.
  • Learn how to train and handle distance concepts that are easily applied to coursework.
  • Get a series of small space distance skills games for you and your dog. 

What is included with your Premier Registration?

  • This self-study seminar includes a recorded 4-hour live presentation, PDFs of exercises with explanatory text, and separate videos from the presentation so that you can easily go directly to specific exercises. 
  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer. 
  • Downloadable content for off-line access when you're out training.
  • Keep what you buy—No expiring content; you won't be able to ask questions after the course ends, but the content is still available to you.


To work the exercises, dogs should be able to perform jumps and tunnels safely and have the ability to do a multi-obstacle sequence. Dogs under 1 year of age should only do variations with wings—no jumping at all. 

Equipment needed

  • A tunnel—even if it is short (alterations can be made to substitute extra jumps for the tunnel in some exercises)
  • 2 or 3 jumps (or 4 jump wings)

Space needed

50x50 space, but smaller space options will be offered.

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Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this event.

We suggest that you read the information provided carefully before making your purchase. If you have any questions about whether the content is right for you, please email us.

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