Braveheart - Motivation and Confidence Training for Performance and Companion Dogs

Braveheart - Motivation and Confidence Training for Performance and Companion Dogs


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Author: Alex Lato
Format: Paperback
Length: 236 pages
Release Date: 2022

How is it possible that some people can train their dogs easily, with great results, while others spend excessive amounts of time, yet remain frustrated, with poor results and unreliable performances?

Alex Lato, an internationally renowned dog trainer and behaviorist, has the answer. We need our dogs to be brave! It is no easy matter for a dog to live in a world full of unexpected, unpredictable events and remain happy, calm, and balanced. It's even harder if we want that dog to compete in a challenging sport and excel in all situations. The secret is to bring out the Braveheart in every dog. Bravery can be the deciding factor as to whether our training is a success or a failure.

Lato has worked closely with dogs of all types over many years and believes that the key components of bravery are motivation and confidence.

  • A motivated dog values anything we use as a reward, which means he is always ready to work for us and try something new.
  • A confident dog trusts his own abilities and knows that he can work through any challenges he may face with the support of his handler.

Together this creates a blueprint that allows dogs to reach their potential, fully equipped to meet the demands of modern life head-on.

In this ground-breaking book, Lato explains his philosophy on dog training and the Bravery Boost concept, a detailed program to develop motivation and build confidence. Written with great sensitivity and advancing some truly novel strategies, Braveheart is essential reading for everyone who wants to expand their knowledge and expertise in dog training.

About the Author
Alex Lato is no ordinary dog trainer! When asked why he chose this profession, he replies: "I wasn't raised by wolves, and I wasn't born a dog whisperer, but my success comes from hard work, the constant desire to learn, and my passion for dogs." Alex Lato studied at Warsaw University of Life Sciences and, in 2008, earned a Masters degree in Animal Science. On a practical level, his passion for dog training started from working with Border Collies in sheep herding. He then continued with companion and sport dog training in Warsaw before moving to Finland and becoming IGP Helper/decoy. To this day, he continues to be involved in IGP, in competitive obedience, and more recently in mondioring. In 2013, Alex moved to the UK, and together with his friend, Lila Zachwatowicz, he established Temperament Dogs to provide the highest standard of home boarding and training for companion dogs. His favorite and most successful area of expertise is helping dogs that suffer from reactivity. He is also the creator of the Bravery Boost training program, which is designed to help dogs attain their full potential through confidence and motivation training. Bravery Boost also involves helping dogs who suffer from fears, such as noise sensitivity, those that are reactive, and those that feel a general lack of confidence. Alex is in big demand for his innovative workshops both in the UK and overseas.




Introduction: My training strategy
I. Motivation – first of the three pillars
II. Communication – second of the three pillars
III. Reliability – third of the three pillars


Introduction: A play formula
I. Desire – first of the three components of effective play
II. Retrieve – second of the three components of effective play
III. Release – third of the three components of effective play
IV. Impulse control – containing the energy
V. Playing for real – implementing a play event in training


Introduction: Teaching self-belief
I. Emotional stability – first of the seven building blocks
II. Heath and wellbeing – second of the seven building blocks
III. Early education – third of the seven building blocks
IV. The joy of play – fourth of the seven building blocks
V. Creating a framework – fifth of the seven building blocks
VI. Confronting sound sensitivity – sixth of the seven building blocks
VII. Training strategies to combat fear – the last of the seven building blocks


Introduction: Journey of discovery
I. TBRR strategy – understanding the system
II. Foundation training – introductory exercises
III. Auditory triggers – fear response to sounds in the house and in the outside world
IV. Visual triggers – fear reactivity to dogs and people
V. Physical triggers – physical contact our dogs would like to avoid


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Motivation for any dog
This is well worth reading for the explanation of how to motivate and/or help your dog gain confidence or self-control based on your dog's individual needs in a given situation.
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