Bully Grip Treat Stick Holder - Medium

Bully Grip Treat Stick Holder - Medium


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With its patented innovative design, the Bully Grip will securely hold a bully stick or other hard treat stick so your dog can chew safely. In the office, we have given away all the other bully stick holders we have experimented with over the years and only use the Bully Grip now.

Made with lab-certified non-toxic, high-quality rubber, the Bully Grip is engineered and designed to grip a treat stick tightly to prevent your dog from ingesting large pieces that could result in choking or a stomach blockage while enjoying their bully sticks. It's simple and easy to use, just twist the bully stick into the Bully Grip!

The size of the Bully Grip you choose is based on the diameter/thickness of the bully stick or treat you are putting into the holder, not on the size of your dog. The Medium Bully Grip fits most bully sticks and hard treat sticks from 5/8" diameter to 7/8", and the thickness of the stick affects the tightness of the hold:

  • 1/2" bully stick = Okay hold
  • 5/8" bully stick = Good hold
  • 3/4" bully stick = EXTREME hold
  • 7/8" bully stick = EXTREME hold

The Bully Grip also doubles as a toy—it bounces, wobbles, and rolls—or you can add a lickable treat!


IMPORTANT: Please watch the instructional video.

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