Clean Run Magazine - August 2017 Digital Edition

Clean Run Magazine - August 2017 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Eileen Anderson addresses some myths and facts about variable reinforcement; Mary Ellen Barry continues her articles on the OneMind Dog Three C's with a look at commitment this month; Stacy Winkler continues her series on training verbals for distance work with an article on teaching a basic verbal; Sandy Rogers shares the drill she uses to teach dogs not to make side changes of their own accord; Brenna Fender concludes her series on agility classes; Jo Sermon continues her series on training her new agility puppy in a multi-dog household; Meagan Karnes discusses how to win your dog's attention and get him to engage with you; Nancy Gyes shares a setup for working serpentine and threadle lines; Tori Self explains the importance of "bad" training sessions; Kristy Netzer looks at distance handling possibilities on an AKC Excellent course, Loretta Mueller explains the importance of the dog's emotional state during training sessions; Eileen Anderson shares the plan she used to teach her dog to love the sound of Velcro (a material used on many food-stuffable jackpot toys); construction plans for affordable ring fencing; veterinarians share information on vestibular disease in agility dogs; David Bozak shares another theme course; construction plans for a teeter treater; and more! 68 pages.


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