Clean Run Magazine - May 2014

Clean Run Magazine - May 2014



A few of the features: Mary Ellen Barry explains the reverse V-set, Janita Leinonen and Jaakko Suoknuuti of Finland discuss the concept of handling lines rather than obstacles, Brenna Fender looks at what skills you need to work on if you can't run as fast as your dog, Bobbie Bhambree shares a training plan for creating tug drive in a low to moderate drive dog, Dr. Bonnie Wright discusses non-drug therapies for pain management, Marianne Bosco shares her story of working with a dog with "issues," Amanda Shyne completes her two-part series on teaching come to heel, Nancy Gyes puts up drills for practicing acceleration and deceleration skills, Daisy Peel looks at cavaletti training, Lynne Stephens explains that purely positive doesn't mean allowing your dog to do anything he wants, Sally Silverman interviews Terry Herman, Lauren Langman explains how to use your dog's high probability behaviors to reward him for doing things he doesn't like as much, Jan Manning starts a series on creating an agility club, Kathy Keats continues her series on perfect timing, and Catherine Clifton breaks down an AKC Excellent JWW course she designed, and more! 68 pages.

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