Clean Run Magazine - May 2015

Clean Run Magazine - May 2015


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A few of the features:European trainer Katarina Podlipnik continues her series on improving your dog's motivation and speed, Mary Ellen Barry demonstrates the flick, Sandy Rogers discusses the important of footwork in agility and how you can make agility easier by working on it, Denise Flaim explains the dangers of excessive water intake (water intoxication), Nancy Gyes shows how to take your retrieve to the next level, Brenna Fender shares ideas for proofing, Drs. Brittan Jean Carr and Sherman Canapp look at achilles tendinopathy in the agility dog, behaviorist Tom Mitchell talks about arousal, Helen King continues her series on training a dog when "run faster" isn't an option for you, Bobbie Lyons presents exercises for improving hind limb stability, Kristy Netzer shares class plans that require little movement of equipment for multiple levels, Sally Silverman interviews U.K. handler Dawn Weaver, Daisy Peel analyzes a course to look for the simple and straightforward handling solutions, and Julie Casper discusses the importance of balancing trace elements to maximize nutrition for your dog, and more! 68 pages.


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