Competition Agility Nonwinged Jump Kit - 1 in. PVC

Competition Agility Nonwinged Jump Kit - 1 in. PVC


$74.99 - $76.99

Save money on a competition-quality nonwinged jump with our convenient assemble-it-yourself kit. We have cut the PVC pipe for you and we provide all of the PVC fittings necessary so that all you need to do is snap the pieces together. Whether or not you glue your jump together with PVC cement is completely up to you. If you are going to glue, we recommend not gluing the base to the jump upright so that you can disassemble the bases from the uprights for easy storage or transportation.

This nonwinged jump has a freestanding pedestal-style base so it works well even if you're setting up your jump on less than perfect ground. The pipe for the base as well as the 35.5"-high jump uprights is colored 1" UV-stabilized furniture-grade PVC pipe. The fittings are also furniture-grade.

The jump includes your choice of Clip and Go Jump Cup Strips:

  • Standard white, clip-on Clip and Go Jump Cup Strips, which are made of tough and flexible UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic and have smooth, rounded edges for safety. The sun won't hurt them and they'll stay flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. And, they are guaranteed not to break! 
  • Clip-on Flexible Clip and Go Jump Cup Strips, which are made from UV-stable TPE plastic, which is rigid enough to hold the jump bar, but supple enough to fold completely away if the jump cup is hit by a dog. 

To make changing jump heights easy, each strip has numbers molded into the plastic every 2", from 4" to 26". 

Note: This assemble-it-yourself jump kit includes everything you need for a competition-quality nonwinged jump except a jump bar. Since jump bars are oversized and expensive to ship, and since many people have extra jump bars, we chose to omit a bar from this kit so we could provide a lower priced obstacle.

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