Cooler Dog Hydro Cooling Mat - Mini
3 layers inside
3 layers inside
3 layers inside

Cooler Dog Hydro Cooling Mat - Mini


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Designed for comfort and performance, the Cooler Dog Mini Hydro Cooling Mat is ideal for smaller dogs or for larger dogs that need a highly portable cooling system. It is 10.5" wide x 18" long.

Like the original Hydro Cooling Mat, this special size offers 10 times the cooling power of gel pads and employs a triple-layer cooling system:

  • A soft waterbed cushion that distributes the cooling power of the ice and provides a comfortable resting place for the dog.
  • A FlexiFreeze® Ice Sheet that contains 40 built-in ice cubes (100% purified U.S.A. water, no chemicals) equal to nearly 4 trays of ice. As it thaws, the ice sheet draws excess heat from the dog, making the Hydro Cooling Mat 10 times more effective than a gel pad.
  • A 1/2" thick layer of closed-cell foam insulation that blocks heat from warming the mat from underneath as well as provides comfortable support from hard surfaces.

Durably constructed, the Hydro Cooling Mat can be used indoors or outside and is compatible with most crate sizes. Portable for use in cars, SUVs, RVs, dog trials, and on the go. And, since we all know that dogs can be messy, the Hydro Cooling Mat was designed to be machine washable.

But what about when the ice melts? You can buy extra Ice Sheets and bring them with you in a cooler, but even if the ice melts you still have the waterbed layer which will continue to function as well as any gel mat on the market.

The current marketplace for canine cooling products is centered around two types of solutions: 1) evaporative vests and coats for active dogs and dogs at rest, and 2) gel pads for dogs at rest. Both of these product solutions feel cooler than their surrounding environment, but gel pads actually have minimal heat absorption capacity so they warm up fairly quickly. And, the effectiveness of evaporative cooling products is compromised in high humidity conditions; unfortunately, the vast majority of people in the U.S. live in high humidity areas. 

Drawing excess heat off of a dog's body core requires materials with high heat absorption capacity. Water, when frozen, has a high capactiy to absorb heat as it thaws. Cooler Dog products use water's phase change heat absorption capacity to draw excess heat from a dog's body core from underneath the dog where it's more effective. 

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