Course Analysis for Agility Handlers

Course Analysis for Agility Handlers

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Author: Stuart Mah
Format: Paperback
Length: 136 pages
Release Date: 2005

Course Analysis for Agility Handlers is the second book in a series by Stuart Mah. This book looks at agility courses from the handler's perspective. Its goal is to give both new and experienced handlers better insight into making the correct handling choices for their dogs. Course Analysis for Agility Handlers explains course elements and patterns as well as handling maneuvers that agility handlers need to understand in order to analyze a course and their handling options. Course Analysis for Agility Handlers also explains why and how a dog changes leads and how that affects handling. Stuart Mah gives handlers a specific plan they can follow to analyze courses and includes two chapters that break down actual sequences and courses so that handlers can practice their analysis skills.

About the Author
Stuart Mah runs Rising Stars Dog Agility in Florida with his wife, Pati Hatfield Mah. Their students have gained top honors in national competition and have earned titles in all flavors of the sport. Stuart and his dogs have won multiple national championships and have been members of U.S. agility teams competing overseas. Stuart has judged for all major U.S. agility organizations. He was voted Agility Person of the Year in 1996 by the USDAA.

Course Analysis for Agility Handlers contains the following sections:

Jumps and Jumping Patterns

  • Serpentine
  • Threadle
  • Pinwheel
  • 270-degree Turn
  • 180-degree Turn
  • Right Angle Turn
  • Offset Line
  • Slicing
  • Problems with Jump Types


  • Obstacle Discriminations
  • Options
  • Handler Restrictions
  • Directional Discriminations
  • Spacing Problems
  • Approaches

Handling Maneuvers

  • Rear Cross
  • Front Cross
  • Blind Cross
  • Counter Rotation
  • Reverse Flow Pivot
  • V-Set
  • Lead-Out Advantage
  • A Hierarchy of Cues

Directional Cues

  • Go On
  • Get Out

The Concept of Leads

Concepts of Course Analysis

  • Study the Course Beforehand
  • Look at the Course from the Dog's Point of View
  • Draw the Handler's Path
  • Think of a Course in Terms of Sequences
  • Practice the Course in the Walk-Through

Course Analysis Practice

Putting It All Together

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