Doggie-Zen Raccoon Tail Pocket Toy

Doggie-Zen Raccoon Tail Pocket Toy


Long-pile faux fur side of toy Short-pile faux fur side of toy


Doggie-Zen is a family business established in 2008 in Sweden by two sisters, Sara and Hanna. They began as dog training instructors, specializing in training reactive dogs. Having good rewards has always been important in their work, so they started to manufacture their own toys so they would have exactly what they wanted.

The Doggie-Zen Raccoon Tail Pocket Toy is made from a Canadian raccoon tail attached to a pouch that is covered with enticingly fluffy long-pile faux fur on one side. The opposite side of the toy is made from short-pile, faux-fur fabric and has a Velcro opening. The toy includes a squeaker, but you can remove the sqeaker as well as add treats to the pouch. 

This toy is approximately 8" long and the pouch is 4" in diameter. It's designed to be easy to hide or keep in your pocket.

The Doggie-Zen Raccoon Tail Pocket Toy is intended for small and medium dogs. You can also use it with larger dogs that are hard to motivate as long as they are gentle and soft-mouthed.

Assorted faux fur colors and patterns; please allow us to choose for you.

Note: Please note that Doggie-Zen toys are designed for active play between dog and handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move the toy out of your dog’s reach.

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