Doggy IncrediBubbles - Peanut Butter

Doggy IncrediBubbles - Peanut Butter

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Blow long-lasting bubbles for your dog to chase and pop. Not your average bubble stuff, IncrediBubbles are non-toxic peanut butter flavor infused bubbles. Dogs love to catch them in the air or attack them on the floor or lawn. Since the bubbles dry in the air, they are more likely to land on the ground intact so your dog can chase and catch them there as well as in the air.

An inexpensive and fun game to play with your dog. Thousands of bubbles that last for hours!

Note: Bubble performance is best when the air is warm or dry rather than cold or humid. Use outdoors; bubbles can be messy or sticky and sometimes leave a white non-staining residue after being popped. The white film can be easily wiped away with your hand or damp cloth. 

Bubble tubes come in assorted colors; please allow us to choose the color for you.

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