Dogwalk Pre-Made Rubber Skins

Dogwalk Pre-Made Rubber Skins


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Buying a kit with rubber granules, binder, etc. is the least expensive method of adding a rubber surface to your table or contacts, but it is a messy, stinky, and exacting process; if the temperature and humidity aren't just right, then the rubber doesn't cure correctly. So if you don't feel like making your own surface out of rubber granules, you can purchase Max 200 pre-made rubbers surfaces, called rubber skins, that are ready to apply to your existing wood, aluminum, or fiberglass equipment.

This rubber surfacing conforms to AAC, AKC, ASCA, CPE, NADAC, UKI, and USDAA regulations. The rubber is very stable in all kinds of weather, and there is no shedding of granules. In fact, the granules are bound together so well that you can clean the surface by scrubbing it with a brush or power washing it.


  • These rubber skins are designed for standard dogwalk planks that are 12" wide and either 8' or 12' long.
  • For 12'-long dogwalk planks, you will get 6 rubber skins that are 12" wide and 6' long. These skins will add about 50 lbs. to your dogwalk.
  • For 8'-long dogwalk planks, you will get 3 modular panels that are 12" wide and 8' long. These skins will add about 35 lbs. to your dogwalk.
  • The skins for the up and down dogwalk ramps can be made with or without rubber slats.
  • The contact zones can be 36" or 42" long.
  • The contact zones will be made with yellow rubber pellets. 
  • These skins are made using only premium TPV rubber granules which are specifically designed for use as indoor and outdoor sports and play surfaces where safety, slip-resistance, flexibility underfoot, color-fastness, and UV-resiliency are critical. Not only does the color last for longer, but the granules do not harden over time because of the innovative technology used in the manufacturing process to ensure material stability. Plus they’re rigorously tested to meet internationally accepted standards. So don’t settle for EPDM alternatives or TPV imposters.
  • Skins are made slightly bigger than the dimensions quoted to allow for some wiggle room when applying them. A standard utility knife can be used to trim the skin to the actual width and length needed. Complete instructions for applying the skin to your dogwalk will be included.

Important Shipping Note: This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer in New York. This item cannot be expedited or shipped by other carriers, and it cannot be shipped outside the contiguous U.S. Any other items you order will be shipped separately from the Clean Run warehouse.

To attach the skins to the obstacle you will need the following supplies:

  • 1 gallon DAP Weldwood contact cement
  • Stir stick
  • 6” foam roller
  • Xylene & paper towels for cleanup
  • Drop cloth
  • Saw horses
  • 2 clamps
  • Rolling pin
  • Box cutter with extra blades
  • Metal straight edge for a trim guide

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