Clip and Go Agility Jump Cups - Flexible Flat-Back, 20-Pack

Clip and Go Agility Jump Cups - Flexible Flat-Back, 20-Pack


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These flat-back single jump cups are made for use on double or triple jumps. They are made from flexible UV-stable TPE plastic, which is rigid enough to hold the jump bar, but supple enough to fold completely away if the jump cup is hit by a dog. The color is grey.

Clip and Go Flexible Flat-Back Jump Cups perform equally well in all temperatures, so you don't need to worry about degradation in extreme heat or cold.

An ingenious mounting system takes away the pain of figuring out where to mount the jump cup so that the bar will be at the correct height when it's set. All you need to do is drill a hole at the correct height, such as 24", insert the pin on the back of jump cup into that hole, then fasten a screw through the pre-drilled hole in the jump cup. The jump cup will be at the perfect height. The pin also holds the jump cup in place, so the jump cup won't "spin" even though you are just using a single screw to fasten the cup.

Color is light grey.

Packaging: Clip and Go Flexible Flat-back Jump Cups come in a package of 20 for the price shown. Screws are not included.

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