Food Is Magic: Creating Behavior Change with Food & Probiotics

Food Is Magic: Creating Behavior Change with Food & Probiotics

Instructor: Leslie McDevitt & Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD
Course Type: On-Demand Webinar

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Learn why food is even more magical than you think—it can help you modify behavior. In this webinar, Leslie McDevitt will revolutionize how you think about using food in your training and Dr. Jessica Hekman (a research scientist who specializes in the biology of behavior) will share crazy new findings coming out about how probiotics can help modify your dog's behavior. You will get a deep dive into food using both an outside-in (Leslie) and inside-out (Jessica) approach.

Leslie McDevitt
Thoughtful Treating: Accessing your Dog's Nervous System Through Eating Behaviors for Easy and Fast Behavior Change

Learn all about Leslie's newest pattern game, Flip the Script, which uses eating behaviors to lower arousal and soothe reactivity. This pattern game is fast, easy, and effective, and will inspire you to see how you can use food and eating on a whole new level. 60 minutes plus a Q&A after the presentation.

Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD
Probiotics for Behavioral Health

Jessica will share a look into the biology behind the connection between the gut and the brain. Probiotics are starting to be recommended by veterinarians to help manage behavioral issues in dogs. Are they actually effective? How could adding bacteria to the GI system affect the brain? How long must they be given? What changes might you expect and what diagnoses are they helpful for? Are there side effects? What's the best brand to buy, or can you make your own? Join Jessica for a deep dive into the crazy new findings coming out about probiotics and behavior in dogs. 60 minutes plus a Q&A after the presentation.


  • CCPDT: 3 CEUs for behavior consultants
  • IAABC: Application pending
  • KPA: Application pending

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