Tall Tails Lickable Reward Dish with Suction Cup

Tall Tails Lickable Reward Dish with Suction Cup


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The Tall Tails Lickable Reward Dish is a unique dog lick mat that features a suction cup on the bottom. Simply add your dog's favorite spreadable treat and attach the dish to a smooth and flat vertical or horizontal surface (porcelain, glass, tile, etc.). The repetitive action of licking is shown to release endorphins in the brain that in turn cause a calming effect in cats and dogs. This dish and excellent distraction for bathing and grooming or for any other time you need to reduce anxiety or stress. 

The soft rubber material and the smooth, shallow design of the grooves is gentle on your dog's tongue. The Lickable Reward Dish is 6" in diameter.

  • Suction cup design attaches to smooth surfaces
  • Freezer-safe to make a cooling summertime treat
  • Hand washing recommended

Note: Please supervise your dog for the first few times you use the Lickable Reward Dish until you are sure they will not chew it.

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