Halti Optifit Headcollar
Sliding camlock
Sliding camlock
Padded nose band
Padded nose band
Sliding camlock
Padded nose band

Halti Optifit Headcollar

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Invented by Dr. Roger Mugford, the Halti Optifit stops dogs from pulling by allowing you to gently steer the dog's head so that his body has to follow, just as with a horse. Unlike other headcollars, including the original Halti, the Halti Optifit has been designed to give every dog an optimum fit regardless of their face size and shape.

The adjustable chin strap is designed to maintain optimum comfort and to "hug" the contours of the dog's face. This means that the Halti Optifit will

  • Fit all breeds of dog, from short-nosed Bulldogs and Boxers to longer-nosed Salukis and Ridgebacks.
  • Not rise up into the dog's eyes or touch the dog's flews (lips), if it's fitted correctly.


  • Adjustable chin strap provides optimum fit for ultimate comfort, making this headcollar suitable even for short-nosed dogs 
  • Cushioned padding on the nose band
  • Made from lightweight, yet strong nylon webbing
  • Reflective strips on both sides for safety in low-visibility settings
  • Your dog is still able to eat, pant, and even pick up a ball
  • FREE Halti Safety Link that connects the Optifit to the dog's conventional collar to provide extra security

What size headcollar does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab  for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

The Halti Optifit is highly adjustable with the neck strap and camlock on the chin strap, meaning that, for example, a Labrador would fit in both a Medium and a Large size and a medium-sized Terrier would fit a Small and Medium size.

How to Measure: Using a flexible measuring tape 1) measure the circumference of the thickest part of the dog's snout, which is closest to the base of the head; 2) measure the circumference of the dog's neck starting at the point directly behind his jaw.

Size Snout Neck Breed Examples
Small 5" retracted to
12" extended
6" retracted to
12" extended
Westie, Jack Russell, Yorkie, Border Terrier
Medium 8" retracted to
15" extended
6" retracted to
17" extended
Labrador, German Shepherd, Boxer, Doberman, Retriever
Large 10.5" retracted to
17.5" extended
6" retracted to
24" extended
Rottwiler, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Large German Shepherd

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