How Flyball Can Help Your Agility Skills & Vice Versa

How Flyball Can Help Your Agility Skills & Vice Versa

Instructor: Tracy Sklenar & Shelly Switick
Course Type: On-Demand Webinar

In one of the largest live webinars Clean Run has ever held, Tracy Sklenar and Shelly Switick led a lively discussion and happy hour about how learning flyball skills can help your agility skills, and how learning agility skills can help your flyball game. We are now offering this special webinar on-demand and free of charge!

This dynamic duo shatters common myths about flyball as they demonstrate how the sports are actually complementary.

  • If you're an agility enthusiast who is new to flyball, you'll learn about the joys of flyball and how teaching your dog flyball skills can really boost their agility skills, including collection, speed, focus, self-control, commitment, and more. 
  • Do you already play flyball? We will also talk about how agility skills can help raise your flyball game.

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