How to Strengthen & Maintain 2-On/2-Off Contacts

How to Strengthen & Maintain 2-On/2-Off Contacts

Instructor: Sandy Rogers
Course Type: Self-Study Course

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Stop spending hard-earned dollars and precious time and still not qualifying because of missed contacts! It's time to improve the speed, accuracy, and independence of your 2-on/2-off contacts.

To retain the 2-on/2-off behavior we worked so hard to train, we need to do specific contact maintenance work outside of sequence and course work. This 2-on/2-off maintenance program taught in this course consists of exercises and training games that will help you perfect and preserve your dog’s 2-on/2-off performance. You will learn how to continuously increase your dog’s comprehension of the 2-on/2-off behavior by addressing all the questions that can potentially erode the behavior in competition. Your dog will understand to drive to the bottom of the contact no matter where you are or what distractions there are. Your release word will become stronger because your dog learns that he can’t self-release on movement, praise, or because a certain length of time passes.

Note: If you're interested in learning more about Sandy Rogers' contact training, there is a free on-demand discussion session available in the Learning Center.

You can start this self-study course whenever you like. It includes 8 lessons that you can complete at your own pace. There are no fixed deadlines or due dates.

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This training program consists of maintenance exercises for dogs that have already been taught to stop on the contact. If, however, you are training a new dog, you can use the exercises in conjunction with your current 2-on/2-off training program.

Equipment needed

  • Treats and toys
  • The are 4 levels of proofing and maintenance work. Levels 1-3 can all be done with a travel plank. Level 4 requires training time on regulation contacts. You will also need a cone or jump wing for some of the exercises.
  • Jump wing or cone: Access to a jump wing or cone is necessary for some of the exercises.

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"I have been training and trialing in agility for well over 20 years. I have 60 plus MACHS on 6 different golden retrievers with multiple national final appearances, multiple number 1 Invitational rankings and wins. Sandy’s contact program gives a concise training plan to teach AND maintain a fast and consistent contact performance." —Pat White

"Thank you, Sandy, for the great instruction. Following your techniques, my dog has improved her contacts enormously. I am thrilled with the results and it is easy to follow your instructions. I will continue with practicing and expect really solid contacts from my BC. I m looking forward to our next trial. Thanks again— well worth the purchase! "

"Lots of information in the videos and lots of exercises to work on to improve our contacts. Thank you, Sandy!"

"Thank you so much for offering this. I got so much out of both the videos. I am just starting my youngster's career, and I know we will have more solid and reliable contacts, having taken this course."

"I was very impressed with the quality and depth of Sandy's program—it far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!"

"Participated in a CPE trial this past weekend for the single purpose of training my new A-frame behavior in a competitive setting. The first day we had several self-correcting eventsm but by the second day the behavior was shaping into a smooth and fluid movement to the end behavior on the A-frame with a nice solid release without waiting. Wow...what a difference from my dog's single striding head stands! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how settled my dog is now that he understands the behavior I want. He is even learning how to manage his body as he comes up over the top of the A-frame so he can go deep. Thank  you so much for your help!"

"Sandy Rogers' course on contacts is outstanding. And her book is equally worthwhile. Both offer fresh insights on new ways to consistently maintain held contact behavior despite tempting attractions like tunnels. With many training exercises included, I saw quick improvement in my young, fast mini Aussie. And we both have fun in the process."  —Linda

"I just wanted to let you know that your stopped contact course on Clean Run is absolutely the best course I’ve ever done! I’m in my seventies now, have been playing at agility for 40 years now, have audited many online courses, and am passionate about teaching agility and dog training in general. I just thought the way you presented the info was so user friendly—short videos, everything so well set out to progress steadily and logically. Thank you!"  —Anne