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Subtitle: Developing a Working Relationship With Your Performance Dog
Authors: Deborah Jones, Ph.D. and Judy Keller
Format: Paperback
Length: 104 pages
Release Date: 2004

Great runs on agility courses don't just happen. And they aren't just a matter of exquisite handling and thorough training. Behind every flowing run in agility is a great partnership. For some dog and handler teams this partnership develops naturally over the course of training. But unfortunately this isn't always the case. Many dogs can meet the physical demands required for agility but have difficulty with the mental aspects of the game. Agility requires concentration, confidence, and a willingness to take direction from and work with the handler. Without this, you can end up with a dog that is distracted, unmotivated, out of control, or inconsistent in the ring. The authors of In FOCUS, animal behaviorist and clicker expert, Deborah Jones, Ph.D., and a former AKC/USA World Team member, Judy Keller, join forces to show you how to use their FOCUS program—Fun, Obedience, and Consistency lead to Unbelievable Success—to develop or repair that underlying working relationship you need to succeed in agility or any performance dog sport. Whether you are starting agility with a new dog or trying to solve performance problems with an older dog, it's never too late to build focus!

About the Authors
Deborah Jones, Ph.D. and Judy Keller developed the FOCUS program in 2003. This program is designed to help trainers form a good working relationship with their performance dogs. Deb has an academic background in learning theory and social behavior. She is also an innovator in the use of the clicker in dog training. Judy has been on the AKC Agility World Team three times, winning team gold in 1998. Both Deb and Judy share a strong commitment to using training methods that are positive and gentle, yet are also efficient and effective. 

In FOCUS contains the following chapters:

What Is FOCUS?

  • Who Can Benefit?
  • Why Do You Need FOCUS
  • The FOCUS Philosphy

How to Read Your Dog

  • Dogs That Aren't Having Any or Enough Fun
  • Dogs That Are Having Too Much Fun

Foundation FOCUS

  • Learning How to Learn
  • Operant Conditioning
  • Mark the Moment
  • Clicker Training
  • Guidelines for Clicker Training
  • How to be a "Splitter"
  • Getting Behaviors—Clicker Style
  • Clicker Fun

Step One: Fun

  • Why Is Fun the First Step?
  • Identify the Fun
  • Make the Fun
  • Turning the Dog On & Off
  • Stress Kills Fun
  • Organized Fun

Step Two: Obedience

  • Why Is Obedience Necessary?
  • Control Exercises
  • Stationary Control
  • Self-Control
  • Moving Control
  • Crosses
  • Agility Heeling
  • Advanced Agility Heeling
  • Organized Control

Step Three: Consistency

  • Follow-Through
  • Trialing Issues
  • Training/Trialing Distinction
  • Regression
  • So, How Do I Fix This?
  • Rituals
  • Organized Consistency

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