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Benefits of LickiMats

Recommended by vets and animal behaviorists worldwide, LickiMats are designed to enrich your dog's environment as well as benefit his health. LickiMats promote calm behavior while your dog is home alone, during situations he finds stressful (such as storms or a vet visit), while he's in a crate at a trial or training class, when he's recovering from an illness or injury, and any time you need to redirect excess energy, decrease anxiety, or distract your dog.

LickiMats allow you to spread out your dog's food or treats on the mat's surface, or press the food or treats into the mat's surface, encouraging your dog to lick and lick and lick to get the food or treat as a reward. The rubber tips of the LickiMat gently scrape and stimulate your dog's tongue, which increases saliva production. Increased saliva production improves oral hygiene by cleaning the tongue, teeth and gums, aids in digestion as it contains enzymes such as Amylase, and, most importantly, soothes your dog by releasing pleasurable and calming endorphins.

About the LickiMat UFO

This innovative slow-feeding mat combines the best of the LickiMat Soother and the LickiMat Splash in a feeder that will stick to flat, vertical surfaces such as walls, bath tubs, car windows, and appliances as well as horizontal surfaces like your floor. The LickiMat UFO is travel-friendly and will keep your dog occupied in the car, at the vet or groomer, or anywhere you go. It's also perfect for hydrotherapy sessions.

The LickiMat UFO features raised walls to keep food and saliva inside the bowl for mess-free slow-feeding whether it's mounted vertically or horizontally. The feeder is 7" in diameter and 1.25" high.

  • Made of 100% nontoxic natural rubber
  • 7 suction cups on the bottom
  • Microwave-friendly
  • Freezer-friendly
  • Dishwasher-safe

Note: Please supervise your dog for the first few times you use the LickiMat UFO until you are sure they will not chew it.

What can you spread on a LickiMat?

Virtually anything your dog likes. You can improvise and experiment to your heart’s delight. 

There is plenty of room on a LickiMat for you to spread different recipes to see what your pet likes best. Odds are high that they will like all of them because the treat is combined with a new licking experience.

What are the more popular spreads for a LickiMat?

You can use the back of a spoon or spatula to:

  • Spread your dog’s favourite wet food on a LickiMat
  • Spread yogurt on a LickiMat
  • Spread peanut butter (no xylitol) on a LickiMat
  • Press minced meat into a LickiMat (you can even microwave it)
  • Press canned fish into a LickiMat (sardines, tuna, salmon)
  • Spread raw or cooked vegetables (pumpkin, potato, kale, carrots) on a LickiMat

Improvise to your heart's content: 

  • You can crumble your dog’s favorite dry food and put it on a wet LickiMat if you are in a hurry or have run out of spreadable ingredients.
  • You can pour chicken broth, bone broth, or gravy on any LickiMat for a fun treat or in combination with anything else.
  • You can use probiotic milk on a LickiMat.
  • You can mix your dog’s medication with treats on a LickiMat.

Where can I find recipes for LickiMats?

You can click on the link here for the LickiMat recipe blog. There are also a lot of recipes on Instagram and social media posted by pet owners, dog trainers, and vets. 

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