Loose Leash Walking Made Simple

Loose Leash Walking Made Simple

Instructor: Devorah Sperber
Course Type: Self-Study Course

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Loose Leash Walking Made Simple is not about teaching dogs to walk on a 100% slack leash. It's about teaching dogs to respond to the tactile experience of leash pressure the moment it occurs instead of pulling steadily on the leash.

The Devorah Sperber self study course includes 40+ lessons with concise, easy-to-follow descriptions, narrated videos, and an abundance of training tips and troubleshooting guidance. You'll learn the skills necessary to transform your dog's leash from a source of conflict into a telephone line with communication flowing equally in both directions. This class exemplifies Dev's OCEAN-style dog training from the inside out and how simple actions produce astonishing outcomes when you know what simple actions you need to take! As is the case with most training methods, the dog's job is easy and the handler's job is more complex. 

How this class came to be: In 2020, Devorah Sperber's Border Collie had orthopedic surgery and was restricted to leashed walks for many months. She says, "To keep us both sane, I started experimenting with different ways to make heeling as fun as possible on our increasingly long walks. This led to the development of my online class 'Channel Heeling: A Fast and Fun Way to Teach Heeling for Dog Sports.' The techniques I developed for that class provided me with a huge insight about why I couldn’t teach my otherwise biddable dog to walk on a loose leash unless he was focusing on me or heeling. 

The first thing I had to do was change the way I was thinking about loose leash walking from being a duration behavior I needed to train my dog to do to a split-second trick that would be cued by the leash itself, rather than by me. The techniques I share in this class will take you on the step-by-step journey I embarked on with my dog that led to us both being able to take in the world around us while maintaining a light connection through a loose leash.  

You can start this self-study course whenever you like. It includes 40 lessons that you can complete at your own pace. There are no fixed deadlines or due dates.

What is included with your purchase?

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Equipment needed

A flat buckle collar, a 6' leash, and a front door; because the best place to begin teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash is on the way out your front door.  This convenient location makes it easy to keep sessions super short and gradually increase the time and distance in small increments to optimize learning. 

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