Nutraceuticals: Supplementation for Agility/Sporting/Working Dogs

Nutraceuticals: Supplementation for Agility/Sporting/Working Dogs

Instructor: Dr. Debra A. Canapp, DVM, DACVSMR, CCRT, CVA
Course Type: On-Demand Webinar

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One of the most common questions clients ask their sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist is, "What supplements are YOUR dogs on?" So this webinar is going to be just that, a summary of the what, why, and when for canine supplements that Dr. Debra Canapp has personally researched and chosen to be worthy of her money, time, and expectations to meet the high standard she has set to be a "Canapp Approved Product" for her dogs.  

From the perspective of sporting and working dogs, aside from proper diet, exercise, and weight management, there are numerous other ways the dog owner can help keep their dog's musculoskeletal system running at peak form, with nutritional supplements being at the top of that list. Even if your tried and true products are not on Dr. Canapp’s list, she will also discuss how you can ask questions and collect data to apply a "self test," and determine if your product meets the high standards that every sport dog should receive. 

Whether you train and compete in performance dog sports, or you are a veterinarian or rehab specialist that works with performance dogs, you need to tune in. It's all about education, identification, and understanding what makes an effective, dependable, and trustworthy nutraceutical worthy of being given to the canine athlete.

NOTE: RACE approved - 1 CE credit.

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Dr. Debra Canapp began her journey in sports medicine and rehabilitation with her certification in canine rehabilitation through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Loxahatchee, Florida in 2005. She has since continued an exclusive career working in small animal sports and rehabilitation medicine. In order to expand the rehabilitative services offered to VOSM's patients, Dr. Canapp became certified in the art of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine and acupuncture by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2006. In 2007 she further enhanced VOSM’s rehabilitative portfolio when she received her certification in stem cell therapy, a practice that has shown promise in returning our injured canine companions and athletes to their prior function. In 2010-2011, Dr. Canapp pursued studies and advanced training in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and is currently utilizing this tool, as a leader in the small animal field, diagnostically and therapeutically through ultrasound-guided regenerative medicine injections. In 2012, Dr. Canapp obtained the next level of expertise in her field by becoming board certified in the new American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.

For the past 8 years, Dr. Canapp’s exclusive area of interest, clinical work, lecturing and research has revolved around sports medicine and rehabilitation therapy, specifically canine sports-related injury, sport rehabilitation and performance. She has completed advanced courses in canine rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, sports medicine, orthopedics and stem cell therapy.  Currently she is practicing sports medicine, acupuncture, musculoskeletal ultrasound and rehabilitation at VOSM. Dr. Canapp is active in teaching rehabilitation medicine to visiting veterinary students, rehabilitation therapy certification candidates, and veterinarians. She is also engaged in several clinical trials involving sports medicine and rehabilitation and reviews for scientific veterinary journals and grant committees. Dr. Canapp has been published and lectures on the subjects of osteoarthritis, sports medicine, regenerative medicine, musculoskeletal ultrasound and rehabilitation therapy at national and international continuing education meetings. Dr. Debra Canapp, along with her husband, Dr. Sherman Canapp, currently lecture both domestically and abroad on the subjects of orthopedic injuries in the sporting/working dog and the current rehabilitation techniques used to treat them

Canapp Sports Medicine, LLC (CSM) is a virtual sports medicine educational platform, which provides teleconsultations / telemedicine / teletraining to veterinarians and performance dog owners around the world. CSM also offers virtual educational content and webinars in the areas of canine sports related injuries, supplements, sports medicine related products, devices and technologies.  Product reviews and recommendations are also provided.