Positive Herding 201: Advanced Dog Training

Positive Herding 201: Advanced Dog Training


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Authors: Barbara Buchmayer
Format: Paperback, 8" x 10"
Length: 340 pages
Release Date: Fall 2022

Looking for a dog-friendly way to train herding?

Positive Herding 201 is based on Barbara's 30+ years of herding experience, both on farm and at trials. She has coupled that experience with an extensive knowledge of positive dog training to provide a revolutionary framework for teaching herding using science-based methods.

After working through Positive Herding 101, the first in the Positive Herding Dog series, your dog is now ready to move on to working penned livestock and will soon be working loose stock!

In Positive Herding 201, you'll learn how to transition from working with stock in a small pen to a large field as well as advanced herding skills such as driving, shedding, and whistling. The book dives into stockmanship and teaches you about participating in herding trials and doing on-farm work.

Positive Herding 201 contains:

  • Video links, diagrams, and tons of pictures
  • Step-by-step training plans
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Stockmanship basics
  • Advanced herding skills
  • Get-started-trialing guide
  • On-farm skills

About the Author
Barb Buchmayer has been captivated by the art of herding for 30 years and has trained over a dozen dogs to herd through the years. Years ago, she began learning the science of positive dog training through books and courses by Bob Bailey, Susan Garrett, and Kay Laurence.

Barb and her husband have operated an organic dairy, milk bottling plant, and beef farm on 625 acres in Missouri for over 25 years. At one time she had a flock of more than 240 hair sheep with three livestock guardian dogs.

Her lifework is to develop and share positive herding with new handlers and traditional handlers looking for a science-based approach to training.

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