Puppy Diary

Puppy Diary

Instructor: Silvia Trkman
Course Type: Streaming DVD

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Subtitle: From First Steps to 5 Months
Author: Silvia Trkman
Running Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes

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Puppy Diary explains how Silvia chooses her puppies, their breeders and lines, and shows. It covers To's first 5 months, explaining over 30 different tricks she learned in her first 3 months with Silvia. The DVD shows them from the first steps on and gives insights into the games, exercises, and all of the other things that Silvia finds most important for growing puppies.

It shows everything Silvia did with little To to answer the question people have about what her secret is in training champion after champion. You'll learn that there is no secret master plan as Silvia demonstrates that it's just a lot of listening to the dog she has at the moment, being flexible, adjusting training, and problem solving. Silvia say that's why the DVD is not called Creating a Super Puppy, but simply Puppy Diary, a documentation of the first steps of one little puppy, learning everything she needs to know to be well prepared for the life of an agility dog.

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