Running Contacts Workbook

Running Contacts Workbook


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Author: Euan Paterson
Format: Paperback
Length: 98 pages
Release Date: 2023

Running contacts are faster, more competitive, more consistent, and physically less demanding than stopped contacts—and dogs love doing them. Blasting across the contacts is an adrenaline rush for dog and hander alike.

But how do we go about training this skill, which demands such precise criteria? Euan Paterson, one of the UK's foremost handlers, confesses to having something of an obsession with running contacts, and has devised a training program that is efficient, effective, and gives the dog a clear understanding of what is required.

In the Running Contacts Workbook, Euan works through the stages of training, step by step, for both the dogwalk and the A-frame, using diagrams and photos as training tools. He has also devised a number of sequences to test newly acquired skills.

Euan is keen to emphasise that one size does not fit all, and in the course of the workbook, he puts forward training options and problem-solving solutions so that his training program is applicable to every dog and every handler. Increasingly, a running contact is the preferred method of training not only for those at the top of the sport, but also for agility enthusiasts who simply want to train their dogs to the best of their ability.

Learn how to do this this safely and effectively with the Running Contacts Workbook—the book that will take your agility skills to a new level.

"The speed, the accuracy, the joy in your dog's eyes, and the smile on the handler’s face, are the reasons we train running contacts."  —Anne Lenz, agility handler

About the Author
Euan Paterson is one of the UK's leading agility handlers and has also achieved major success on the international circuit. In partnership with his dog, Crazee, he won gold at the FCI World Championships in 2019, winning the individual agility round. Euan started in agility 10 years ago with his rescue dog, Sweep. He was soon addicted to the sport, and started to notch up a string of impressive wins. Sweep, and later Meg and Crazee have all had podium places representing Scotland at the World Agility Open (WAO) and all three have competed at Crufts and Olympia. Crazee has won the Crufts international invitation event twice. Sweep won two championship tickets during his career, Meg won one champ ticket and several reserves, and Crazee has become an agility champion, winning a total of nine champ tickets to date. In partnership with his wife, Sarah, Euan runs SO Agility from his home in Stonehaven, Scotland, hosting workshops and running on-line courses. He is a popular guest trainer and travels all over the UK to teach, and occasionally officiates as a judge.

Early in his agility career, Euan became aware of the importance of running contacts for speed, accuracy, and for the physical wellbeing of the dog. He has, therefore, made this a specialty of his training program. Euan says: "Agility is simply the best way to build a strong relationship with your dog. Working together you discover a unique way to communicate with each other—and have lots of fun, too!"

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