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Senior Dog Fitness


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Most of us that do agility and other canine sports know the importance of keeping our competition dogs fit. But our senior dogs need mental and physical exercises too! As dogs age, they become less active, sleep more, tend to gain weight, and lose mental focus. The less our senior dogs move, the more their muscles atrophy and their balance and stability diminishes. Movement is vital for life! It gets the heart beating and the blood flowing, which helps to nourish cells throughout the body. Blood flow helps carry away waste products and neutralize toxins. Movement also supports brain health. So moving is not only great for muscles (including the heart), it is great for the WHOLE BODY. It helps improve your dog's functionality and performance in daily life activities.

A structured fitness program is an essential part of keeping our senior dogs moving and fit. Since senior dogs cannot do what they once did as youngsters, Lisa has designed a fitness program tailored just for the senior dog. It benefits senior dogs by keeping muscles toned and flexible while improving balance, stability, and function. You will also find that conditioning the senior dog helps to mentally exercise your dog and enhances the relationship between you and your dog. 

Join Lisa with your senior dog to learn some fun ways to give him the best quality of life possible by keeping muscles healthy and strong, improving flexibility and body awareness, and enhancing dynamic balance.

The course consists of 6 lessons that you can complete at your own pace. There are no fixed deadlines, due dates, or video review.

  • Lesson 1 provides an introduction to fitness, senior dog lectures, and an explanation of how to warm up. This includes a few videos about equipment; different bucket and balance pad sizes as well as the difference between air platforms and FITbones. 
  • Lesson 2 is all about assessment. Lisa will do a photo assessment of your dog in a stand, sit, and down as well as do flexibility range of motion assessments. She will show you how to measure your dog and find their lymph nodes.
  • Lessons 3-6 are four different complete workouts! Lisa will show you a full workout with her 12.5-year-old, Tandem. She'll then break down each exercise and shown different dogs and options. 

What is included with your registration?

  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer
  • Downloadable content for off-line access when you're out training
  • Keep what you buy—No expiring content


This class is geared toward the senior dog but any adult dog can work the program.

Equipment and space needed

  • Most exercises use 1 or 2 balance pads and 2 different feed pans. You can substitute a Cato Board or Propel Air Platform for the balance pads. However, if you don't have these specific items, don't worry. There are many possible equipment options using household items such as your couch cushions. Just ask for substitutes.
  • The exercises do not require much space; you can do them in your living room.

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"This class ticks all of the boxes. The Senior Dog Fitness Class was instructive and fun for both the dog and handler. I learned how to do a body assessment, so I can monitor his fitness and health. The dog is consequently strengthening both their brain and body by learning new fitness exercises. And it's fun—Lisa Schmit provides various workouts, so neither the handler nor the dog gets bored! And there are lots of videos, pictures, and instructions, so you aren’t left guessing. I really loved how Lisa provided examples of dogs at different fitness levels and different sizes to show how to execute the workouts. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to help keep their dog happy and healthy in their senior years." —Sandy