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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $120

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When used with PVC pipe to make a jump, the Clip and Go Sliding Jump Cup Strips ensure that you have the safest jump possible because there are no extra cups on the jump standard that a dog might hit. These jump cup strips are made of tough and flexible UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic. The sun won't hurt them and they'll stay flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. And, like all Clip and go products, they are guaranteed! In the rare event that your dog breaks a Clip and Go product, return it to the manufacturer and they'll replace it!

Once you've installed the strips on your jump, the jump cup rings slide over the end of the uprights and then can be set in position by placing the rod on the jump cup into any of the grooves on the strip. The jump cup rings can be set at heights every 1", from 4" to 12", and every 2" from 14" to 30". The outside side of the strip has molded in height numbers and you'll also receive a set of weather-proof number strips to label the PVC upright itself.

The Clip and Go Sliding Jump Cup Strips can be attached to 1" or 1-1/4" PVC jump standards, and they can be used with winged and wingless jumps. If you are retrofitting an existing jump and the end caps are glued in place, you will need to remove the end caps or cut them off. Guaranteed not to break.

Packaging: Clip and Go Sliding Jump Cup Strips come in a package of 2 for the price shown. Included are screws, 4 sliding jump cups suitable for 1" PVC, 4 sliding jump cups suitable for 1-1/4" PVC, and a set of Clip and Go number strips.

Note: If you are interested in buying a larger number of jump cup strips, please contact regarding additional discounts.

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