Solid Color PVC Replacement Weave Poles

Solid Color PVC Replacement Weave Poles


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Many people are switching to solid color weave poles for safety (when poles are decorated with tape, the edges of the tape can injure the dog). Our solid color weave poles are made from 3/4" (i.d.) furniture-grade PVC pipe. The proprietary formulation, blended in-house by the manufacturer, provides superior structural strength, impact-resistance, weatherability, and UV-resistance compared to plumbing PVC pipe. Made from 100% solid-wall vinyl, our PVC pipe has a very smooth surface and is composed of one uniform material throughout. This means the color is the same on the inside of the pipe as it is on the outside; the color isn't put on as a outside coating.

Each weave pole is 40" long and has a white internal end cap on one end.

  IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT COMPATIBILITY: These weave poles have an inside diameter of 3/4" and an outside diameter of 1-1/16" (1.050"). They will fit on weave pole bases from Clip and Go and most other manufacturers, but they will NOT fit over the metal posts on Max 200 bases because those posts are 3/4" and require a slightly larger opening in the PVC pipe. If you need poles for your Max 200 bases, our tapeless striped poles will work because a machine is used to ream out just a little bit of the PVC so the poles fit.

If regular 3/4" schedule 40 PVC poles fit on your weave pole bases, then these solid color weave poles fill fit as well.

Packaging: Sold individually for the price shown; base is not included.

  SHIPPING NOTE: This item must be shipped via UPS or Fedex Ground service. It cannot be shipped to Canadian or overseas addresses.

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