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Free Shipping on Orders over $120

Magazine Delivery Problems


Printed Magazine

  • If you live in the USA and your issue is late, we ask that you wait until the 12th of any month to request a replacement copy.
  • Clean Run is mailed from New Hampshire via periodicals mail around the 20th of each month. The US Post Office does not guarantee the delivery of periodicals mail within a given number of days. Delivery time depends on where in the USA the magazine is being delivered to, and mail volume at processing offices between the point of mailing and point of delivery. We find that delivery normally takes between 7 and 14 business days. For addresses in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, part of the delivery takes place via mail boat and can take four weeks or more. Delivery times vary to different zip codes even within the same city.
  • If you live in Canada or overseas, we ask that you wait until the 20th of the month before requesting a replacement copy.
  • If you experience delivery delays in multiple months, let us know so that we can investigate and track down the source of the problem.
  • We are happy to send you a replacement issue immediately if your magazine is damaged in transit. Please contact customer service to request a replacement copy.

Digital Magazine

You will be notified via email as each new issue becomes available. You can view or download your issues whenever it's most convenient for you. The notification emails will be addressed from, so be sure that your spam filter is set to recognize this address as a "safe sender."

  • If you do not get an email notification or you have misplaced the link to a particular issue, just go to the appropriate issue in the past issues section of the store. You do not need to purchase the issue if it's already part of your subscription; just use the link provided to go to the issue.
  • If your email address changes, please contact customer service so they can change your digital subscription information.