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Disappointed with the new version
The new bags are made of thinner material as well the base now made of less robust material and less rubber. Disappointing as I don’t think the new ones will hold as well as the original ones.
Comment from Clean Run The manufacturer changed the specifications of the bag because he felt that the original bag was "over built" and that a slightly thinner fabric (similar to that used by other manufacturers) could be used without affecting the durability of the bag. Both we and the manufacturer will be monitoring the results of the changes.
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Good BUT Seams rip apart. Connecting straps not long enough.
These tunnel bags are good however, a few of the bags we use have split the seams on the sides. When the internal plastic bags split, the pea pebbles spill out on the flooring. Also, I would add that the top connecting straps are not really long enough to stay connected. Wish they were longer to stay secured over the top of the tunnel.
Comment from Clean Run Clip and Go increased the length of the straps on the bags in 2018 too accommodate larger diameter tunnels. Sometimes customers are disappointed because the Velcro only overlaps by about 4" on larger tunnels. This is necessary because the strap length also has to work with a standard 24" diameter tunnel. There is an over 6" difference in circumference between 24" and 26" tunnels. With each new batch of tunnel bags, Clip and Go tries to make improvements to seams and all other parts of the bag. It is important to make sure that the bags don't have more weight in them than what's recommended as that will stress the seams.
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Excellent Quality & Sturdy
I can’t say enough about these tunnel bags. They are sturdy, made with a thick vinyl, and don't let the tunnel walk or move - even with the fast dogs. I don't have to fill them with as much weight as some of my other bags I have. My back is very happy!
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Really great tunnel bags
I've only had the bags filled and in use for a week now but they definitely do the job well. They are very nicely made. Great grip on indoor mats and outdoors. I am using 2 sets on a 10 foot tunnel indoors and the other 3 are on a 15' tunnel outdoors.
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They were very easy to fill.
I like the way tunnel bags fit securely over the tunnels. The handles for carrying are great. too.
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Very stable and well made
I love these tunnel bags! With the cleats on the bottom, they don't seem to need a lot of weight in them to keep the tunnels from moving. They are very well made with good, heavy stitching and sturdy zippers.
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Heavy Duty
Very good quality is heavy to move, but heavy and durable is the point!
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THE Best Tunnel Bags Around
I purchased these tunnel bags for my dog club 4 years ago, and they are so good I'm replacing all my tunnel bags with them! They have handles that make them easy to carry, you don't have to worry about pairing the right ones together as they all cleverly match up, they keep the tunnels secure, they come with baggies to put the sand in, and they are durable! Definitely worth the money!!!
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Love them, but have had several seams repaired
I am placing an order today for 4 more of these tunnel bags. I still love them even though I will also be taking two more in to have the seams resewn at a tarp and canvas shop. That will be a total of 6 bags I have had to take in for seams splitting. We were very careful and did not put too much weight in them, either. I feel the thread is too light for just the very average wear we are giving them. We have agility lessons only two nights a week, and other than that, of course, they are just sitting in a corner awaiting duty.
Comment from Clean Run Thank you for your order. Manufacturing overseas is a big challenge and Clip and Go tweaks the design and materials of the bags with every order. The bags you just ordered are from a brand new shipment. Our hope is that you won't have any problem with them for many years! It is also worth mentioning that thread is affected by long-term exposure to UV rays. If you have your bags outdoors all the time, it will affect them more than actual use of the bags.
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Handles don't hold up over time
I bought several sets of these tunnel bags last year for my Kennel Clubs' agility yards. We were very pleased with the design, but within about a month, the handles came off on one of the bags. Ok, then things were fine. This summer we have had several bags where the strap came off. Moving these around now requires two hands and moving them one at a time. These are well designed bags, and if you have an indoor arena, they are probably fine, but for our outdoor fields, not so much
Comment from Clean Run We're sorry that you're having a problem with the tunnel bags you purchased. Clip and Go did have a problem with the handles on a shipment and corrected it in future orders. We have been replacing bags with problems and we also have handle kits. Clip and Go has been very responsive and working with us to help customers. They also keep coming up with improvements for the bags. A number of changes have been made in construction and materials. Please contact Clean Run customer service so that we can address the problems with your tunnel bags.
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