1-TDC Joint and Muscle Health Cream for Humans - 4 oz. Bottle

1-TDC Joint and Muscle Health Cream for Humans - 4 oz. Bottle


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How well you feel and how much you can do is impacted by the condition of your muscles and your joints. Depending on your activity level and age, your muscles and joints will give you clear signs of discomfort signaling they need support. Therefore, whether we are recovering from weekend warrior activities, an injury, or a hard day of physical labor—or simply getting older—we all seek to counter the effects of aging on muscles and joints. 

1-TDC Joint & Muscle Cream is the gold standard for topical relief of joint and muscle pain. Unlike most other creams, 1-TDC cream is transdermal and absorbs very rapidly. This allows it to reach deep into muscles and joints to provide comfort and mobility. You can apply 1-TDC cream directly to muscles and joints as needed.

Expect results in 5-10 minutes

  • Safe and effective
  • Paraben free
  • Clinically tested, with results published in respected peer-reviewed medical journals

Using the cream in conjunction with the 1-TDC Joint & Muscle Supplement Capsules makes for an even more powerful combination.

What is 1-TDC?

1-TDC stands for TetraDecanol Complex, its molecular name. 1-TDC is a cellular lubricant taken in soft gel form that promotes increased flexibility and healthy joint function. ?1-TDC is also available as a fast-acting topical cream that absorbs rapidly and provides remarkable joint and muscle results.

How does 1-TDC work?

Essentially, 1-TDC is a cellular lubricator working throughout the body. 1-TDC supports healthy fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility. Due to it’s unique absorption properties, as a topical cream 1-TDC gives localized immediate comfort, while the supplement provides a total body benefit over time.

What is 1-TDC made from?

1-TDC is a patented complex blend of special fatty acids derived from beef tallow.

How does the effectiveness of 1-TDC compare to other natural joint health products available today?

1-TDC provides support to a wide range of joint health issues including sports injuries, muscles, tendons, and deep tissues. Most users find its beneficial effects are superior to and much faster acting than glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and other natural joint health products.

Should I use both the 1-TDC supplement and 1-TDC cream?

Both oral and topical applications are shown to be equally effective. Initially, it is wise to use both products; the 1-TDC cream to concentrate on localized issues and the 1-TDC supplement to benefit the whole body. Over time, people tend to continue using the 1-TDC supplement daily for a total body benefit and the topical cream for fast-acting comfort for acute conditions.

What is the protocol in using 1-TDC for practices utilizing the latest laser and decompression therapies?

1-TDC is an ideal adjunct to both laser and decompression therapy. Many of users are now adding 1-TDC capsules as a standard part of their protocol to optimize the effects of a laser and decompression session. Please note that 1-TDC cream is not recommended with laser treatments that heat the tissues; 1-TDC topical cream has a cooling effect and patients should use the cream after their laser session or an hour prior to the session.

Can 1-TDC work well in conjunction with taking glucosamine and/or chondroitin?

Glucosamine may assist in the rebuilding of cartilage and the overall structure of the joint, although clinical trial data has shown mixed results. 1-TDC provides continuous lubrication and promotes healthy cell membranes, resulting in increased mobility and joint comfort. The bottom line is that they can work together; however, the benefit of 1-TDC is far more pronounced. In addition, because 1-TDC provides a cellular lubricating effect, there are several potential areas of benefit beyond only joints.

Can 1-TDC be given with fish oils?

Absolutely. In fact 1-TDC has some fish oil as one of its components. While 1-TDC contains fish oil, it is not enough to be considered a therapeutic dose; therefore, we encourage you to continue using your fish oil supplement along with 1-TDC.

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