4 My Merles Bungee Slinky Ball Tug

4 My Merles Bungee Slinky Ball Tug


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4 My Merles Creations is a Canadian company that has a line of fun and well-made tug toys for agility and flyball dogs.

The Bungee Slinky Ball Tug is approximately 22" long. This toy has the entire bungee section covered in plush material that is soft and colorful and completely washable. At the end of the toy is a 1-7/8"-diameter rubber ball.

Assorted nylon, fur, and ball colors; please allow us to choose for you.

Note: Please note that 4 My Merles toys are designed for interactive play between dog and handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move the tug toy out of your dog’s reach.

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