Agility Leash Tab

Agility Leash Tab


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Tabs are mini-leashes used for helping to control and guide a well-behaved dog between obstacles. They stay attached to your dog's collar and must be short enough that they don't get tangled up on the obstacles.

This Agility Leash Tab has a unique coiled design which gives you a small, lightweight tab that is only 6" long when it's hanging from the dog's collar, but that stretches to approximately 24" when you need to control your dog so you don't have to bend down so low!

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4/5 with 3 reviews

Small, but mighty
I got this to help with guiding my dog without having to put an actual leash on. It's also worked great for hiking when we run into other hikers. I can just grab on and tell my dog to heel. (My dog is trained to heel on and off-leash. This would not work as a substitute for a solid leash if your dog is not trained.) Great product and will buy again when I add more dogs to my pack.
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Great for short dogs!
We have 2 corgis and other tabs dragged on the ground, distracting our dogs and causing a potential hazard. I agree, though, your dog needs to be pretty good off leash before you use these.
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This is tiny! Shoelace
This might be ok for a 10lb dog, but anything more just isn’t strong enough. It’s literally a shoelace coiled. Very disappointed?
Comment from Clean Run We're sorry that you are disappointed with the product. You can contact customer service to return it. The purpose of this kind of tab is just to be a "handle" for holding the dog between runs. We have many people using it with all different sizes of dog. But if you have a dog that pulls or isn't happy being guided or staying by your side, then it's not the appropriate product.
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