Clip and Go Agility Backside Jump Training Aids - 4-Pack

Clip and Go Agility Backside Jump Training Aids - 4-Pack



Does your dog slice backside jumps and take down the wing or the bar? Or, are you teaching backsides to your young dog?

Whether you're problem solving or just starting to teach the backside skill (also referred to by some as a landing-side approach), the Clip and Go Backside Jumping Aids will help your dog learn to round the wing of a backside jump appropriately.

These jump aids can attach to the outside vertical supports of a wing jump frame or to the decorative wing inserts in a frame as long as they are made from either 1" PVC (1-5/16" outside diameter) or 1-1/4" PVC (1-5/8" outside diameter).

You can use two aids on a wing or just one, depending on how much help your dog needs.

Product Notes:

  • Minor assembly is required before using the jumping aids for the first time (see the instructions included here). The Clip and Go Backside Jumping Aids are made with the same tubing as the Clip and Go Weave Pole Guide Wires. The sections of tubing that come with the aids are 28" long, but you can trim them to whatever size you want for your wing jumps. We recommend that the tubing measures 7" to 9" from the wing. 
  • Once you attach the clip to the larger 1-1/4" PVC, it will be stretched and will no longer stay secure on the smaller 1" PVC pipe. 
  • Do not use these training aids on the landing of a jump as your dog could be injured if he lands in the loop.

Packaging: Clip and Go Backside Jumping Aids are sold in a package of 4 for the price shown. A wing jump is not included.

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