Reliable Running A-frames 2-DVD Set

Reliable Running A-frames 2-DVD Set

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Subtitle: A Method for All Types of Dogs
Author: Rachel Sanders
Format: DVD, 2 discs, NTSC format
Running Time: 1 hour, 43 minutes
Bonus Materials: 13-page training supplement in PDF format
Release Date: November 2008

More and more handlers desire a running A-frame. Some worry about the unknown long-term physical effects of stopping dogs on the obstacle. Some feel that their dog's structure or a previous injury makes stopping him unsafe. Others have dogs that clearly indicate they aren't physically comfortable with the behavior being asked for, no matter how hard the handler works on weight shift and motivation. And still others have competitive aspirations and want to perform the obstacle as quickly as possible. But no matter why you want a running A-frame, there is finally a realistic approach to teaching an accurate and consistent running A-frame to all varieties of dogs.

Rachel Sanders has tried a variety of running-contact training methods over the years—including stride regulators, foot targets, jumps after the A-frame, no props on the A-frame, and more—each method helped only a small percentage of her students' dogs, and she saw inconsistent results with her own dogs as well. Rejecting the notion that dogs must have the "right" stride length or a certain body type to master a running A-frame, Rachel continued to search for a method not just for her own dogs, but one that many of her students could reliably train with. She kept thinking that in the past, trainers believed you couldn't teach dogs to weave on both sides, and now we know how untrue that is! We just need to get more creative in our approach to training contacts.

Rachel's A-frame "box" method promotes the stride lengths required for a dog to reach the contact zone and that are comfortable for the dog. Rachel uses the box with her own dogs and confidently encourages her students to train a running A-frame with their new agility dogs and to retrain competing dogs where appropriate. Now she shares the method with you. 

Besides demos with Rachel's dogs, this DVD includes training case studies of a number of different dogs. It also includes a 13-page PDF file containing supplemental training notes.

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About the Author
Rachel Sanders has been involved in agility since 1993. She has competed successfully at the national and international levels with her Border Collies and Jack Russell Terrier, winning USDAA Grand Prix and Steeplechase finals as well as spots on international agility teams. Currently she coaches agility at home in California and at seminars all over the US. She can be contacted through her website,

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