Clean Run Magazine - March 2016

Clean Run Magazine - March 2016



A few of the features: Mary Ellen Barry demonstrates the OneMind Dogs grab to weaves technique, Sandy Rogers helps us figure out what works in our training and what doesn't, Jean Emery shares seven tips for making videos that will improve your agility performance, Kristy Netzer continues her series on how to train legendary lead-outs, Frankie Joiris and Chris Ott discuss weave pole "pre-training" and an exercise to help your puppy use his hindquarters effectively, Nancy Gyes shares drills for practicing tight turns out of tunnels, Tori Self continues her series on sportsmanship, Kathy Lofthouse talks about how to avoid joining the "one little thing club," Laura Hartwick continues her humorous series on bringing up her new Border Collie pup, Cindy Deak help us understand course design factors that impact our strategy for point-accumulation games, Kathy Mocharnuk shares plans for building a pause table, Drs. Robert Cullen and Debra Canapp discuss return to agility after an iliopsoas strain, Sally Silverman interviews Wendy Crawshaw, and more! 68 pages.


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