Beanie Braided Da Udda Ball Tug

Beanie Braided Da Udda Ball Tug


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It's not just a ball tug, it's Da Udda Ball Tug—get it? "Da Udda" part of this tug is a recycled rubber inflation which is the liner used in the machines for milking dairy cows. Although the inflations have been thoroughly washed, dogs can still catch a whiff of the dairy farm aroma which makes this tug even more attractive.

The handle is tightly braided with a minimum of four strands of high-quality fleece for durability and strength, and it's very soft on your hands. The fleece fringe on the end of the toy helps create more excitement for the dog. The tightly braided fleece is designed to offer a slight give without losing its shape or overly stretching when you're tugging. The fleece also makes the inflation softer on your dog's mouth than udder tugs which have rope or hose going through the inflation.

Da Udda Ball Tug features a 2.5"-diameter Tuff Ball rather than an ordinary tennis ball. Tuff Balls are designed for dogs. They have extra-thick natural rubber walls which provide extra durability. No chemicals are added for bounce as is done with "human" tennis balls plus the nonabrasive felt won't wear down a dog's teeth. Tuff Balls are also lead-free and are tested by an independent laboratory to make sure they do not contain any other heavy metals.

The inflation is 9.75" long. Total toy length from the end of the handle to the tips of the fringe is 22".

Handmade in the USA (the ball is not made in the USA). Available in assorted bright colors; please allow us to choose for you.

Note: If you have a very tough tugger, we recommend our Udder Tugs which have more reinforcement inside the inflation so they are stiffer.

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Great quality!
My dog loves these tugs! I bought her one back in 2015 and even after being left outside in the elements a few times it held up until recently (about 3 years!). I gladly purchased another for her.
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